52. Citiot

21 minutes

That's not a typo. That's the other spelling of Cidiot. Join me for this three-year birthday episode as I share Cidiot's early brand foundation, the story behind the logo, and an interview with Pim Zeegers, who just opened the fabulous Citiot store in Catskill, NY. Hear his take on our shared word, his story as a double outsider, about his business, and how you can get a taste of stropwafel. Plus I've started a new idea from my brother-in-law Adam: asking guests their favorite (secret) places in the Hudson Valley. 
Thanks for listening. Cidiot was voted best regional podcast in the 2021 Chronogrammies and is a go-to source by national and regional press. You can still buy a Cidiot trucker cap with the iconic baby goat logo. Visit cidiot.com for links as well as info on sponsorships and partnerships. Come visit.


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