Sponsorships & Content Partnerships

Find out how Cidiot works with select businesses and organizations. Perhaps it can help yours.

If you're looking to bee seen and heard on Cidiot, discover sponsorships and content partnerships.

Sponsorships and content partnerships are designed to support Cidiot programming and build relevant content for our discerning, playful, loyal, sophisticated listeners who want to be entertained and informed—not sold.

Happy to custom design a package for the right sponsors. Past sponsorship packages have included:

  • Shout-out within 2-3 episodes
  • Content integration within a relevant episode — an interview, fun facts, a great story
  • Promo posts (multiple) on Cidiot social channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • Special extras

Recent sponsors have included:

Recent content partners have included:

Interested? Contact goats@cidiot.com for more info.

Start listening to 1. Are you a Cidiot?
Start listening to 1. Are you a Cidiot?